Kindergarten Readiness: Reading and Writing Skills Part II

Ashley's Get Well Wish

Ashley’s Get Well Wish

Last week I looked at Motor, Reasoning and Language Skills for preschoolers taking the “Big Step” toward kindergarten. This week these are the skills for Reading and Writing. The above picture is from my niece, isn’t it sweet? 🙂

Reading Skills

  • Looks at books or pictures on their own
  • Pretends to read books by reading the pictures
  • Tries to read in everyday situations (signs, labels, etc.)
  • Recognizes rhyming words (worksheet 1, worksheet 2, more rhyming worksheets! A list of ending sounds to rhyme with your scholar)
  • Blends sounds into words
  • Recognizes some common words in print (flashcards Use flashcards for a matching game, online sight words game)
  • Recognizes many uppercase and lowercase letters (worksheets, online alphabet games)
  • Recognizes some letter sounds (A lot of sound activities pinned for you! Click on the website under the picture you are interested in seeing.)
  • Relates stories to personal experiences
  • Puts events of a story in order (beginning, middle, end) Idea: Pick a favorite book and read aloud to your child. Ask them to tell you what happened at the beginning, in the middle of the story and the end. If this is overwhelming to your child, start with identifying the beginning and increasing it to the telling about the end. Do what happened in the middle after both of the others have been mastered.

Writing Skills

  • Tries to write words (practice sheets, more practice sheets)
  • Asks you to write words or notes to others
  • Attempts to write own name and recognizes their own name in print Idea: Provide paper and stickers for an extra incentive and fun way to display their name. Create a place to display their work such as the refrigerator or a cork board.

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