Kindergarten Readiness: Working on Skills in Preschool Part I

abcs“How do I know if my child is ready for kindergarten?” moms ask me when trying to determine when they should start educating their child. While I am no expert, I do have a checklist of skills this week regarding motor, reasoning, language, reading,  and writing skills to help you. ( I have also listed resources, both worksheets and online games if you are working with your preschooler to prepare them for the “Big Step”. There are so many terrific links to check out and worksheets to download here for your student to enjoy and have fun with learning.

Motor Skills

  • Can put puzzles together (for purchase, online puzzles)
  • Cuts with scissors (printable worksheets)
  • Holds pencils and crayons correctly “Why does it matter?” It can help with comfort, legibility, fluidity, brain development, and less stress on your joints. (Here’s a video you can watch to help with correctly holding a pencil. Do you have a left-handed student? This picture will help.  left hand grip)
  • Builds with blocks (wooden, duplos)
  • Tries to tie own shoes (video)
  • Enjoys outdoor activities, like running, jumping and climbing In other words, your child is physically active.

Reasoning Skills

  • Matches or groups objects according to size, shape or color (Check out these worksheets: tangrams, comparing shapes, coloring shapes )
  • Groups objects that are the same and can describe how they are the same or different (online game)
  • Understands concepts of in/out, under/overon/offfront/back, etc. (Directional worksheets)
  • Shows an understanding of the passing of time, including concepts of before and after, and today, yesterday and tomorrow

Language Skills

  • Talks in sentences
  • Follows one- and two-step oral directions (A fun activity that incorporates following directions, shapes, and movement, free worksheets)
  • Uses sentences that include two or more ideas
  • Uses descriptive language
  • Knows by heart and recites some common nursery rhymes and songs (A website of  common and not-so-common nursery rhymes!)
  • Pretends, creates and makes up songs or stories
  • Tells or retells stories and/or everyday experiences (Write down stories your little one dictates to you. Make into a book and have them illustrate it.)
  • Asks questions and expresses curiosity
  • Expresses ideas so that others can understand

Next week I will have Reading and Writing Skills and resources for you. Have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Kindergarten Readiness: Working on Skills in Preschool Part I

  1. One of the reasons i like to homeschool is that i can choose curriculum that is best for my son, most importantly from a biblical view. I also like the freedom to take a day for fishing, playing frisbee golf or go camping in the fall. My husband works 3 weekends each month so we need to sometimes have family time during a school week.


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