Halfway There!

It seems like we just got started this year but I realized this morning that Christmas is just four weeks away. Where did the time go?  On the other hand, congratulations, you are nearly halfway through your school year!

Now is a good time to stop and organize your paperwork. It really won’t take you long to do it. You just have to jump in! Take out some pages from each of the sections of workbooks in every subject that you have done so far. For instance, if you have been working on addition, subtraction, and telling time since August pull out several pages of each of these topics and put in a binder or an accordion file folder. You can label the papers  “First Semester”. These samples can be grouped either according to subject or time period. (semester, month, week, day, however you prefer) If you have not kept dates on each of the papers up until this time, just label it first semester. If you have, that is even better! Do this one more time in the month of December and place them in your binder or file folder.

For those subjects that you don’t have workbooks and still need documentation, how about writing your observations and siting a few examples? If you have done a Civil War unit that has been hands-on what did you do? Did you go to a Civil War reenactment,  read some books, make a trip to the Freedom Center? For younger students you can ask them about their experiences and write down their responses. For older students have them wrote a summary. This is called a narration and you can put that in with your paperwork. Are you planning on going to any Christmas plays or concerts? Save the program and have the children write or tell you and you record what was their favorite part.

Pictures are also a great way to show what your student has done.  Show some examples of the work (a lapbook, a model of a volcano, an art project, etc.)  If you have gone on field trips or have visited museums include these activities as well.

Guess what? You are finished! Small steps like this make the portfolio review appointment so much easier than waiting until the end of the year. Keep on running the race! I am cheering you on and know you will cross the finish line. If you need more tips on organizing paperwork check out my portfolio review or my resources, tips, and how-to’s sections.


2 thoughts on “Halfway There!

  1. Thanks Lisa! I need to declutter some of their workbooks and document some things. I always think i will remember, but this is definitely the perfect time to organize some paperwork and documentation. I have a feeling you are a bit more organized than me, so I will take your tips anytime! 🙂


  2. Hi Melissa,
    Decluttering helps me to feel less overwhelmed and to evaluate the school year. If you feel there is too much to do take 15 minutes a day and you’ll be done in no time. 🙂


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