Girls Clubs

Isn’t it great to have girls and be able to do girlie things? There are some clubs that I’d like to feature because I feel it is important to affirm the feminine nature that can so easily be swept aside by society. I love that there are clubs for a girl to learn how to be a young woman while  providing service opportunities and having fun activities to do.

The first club is called Keepers at Home and can be done as a club with other girls or as a curriculum with just your family. There are two separate handbooks, one called Little Keepers at Home for ages 4-6 and Keepers at Home for ages 7-14. You can organize it as you like and there is a handbook that will guide you and give you projects to complete in order to earn badges. The areas of emphasis are: life skills, home making, scripture memorization, and service. Here is the website if you are interested: Keepers of the Faith

I also found a website that helps you begin a Keepers of the Home Group. Erica has useful tips with organizing and planning your own group. click here

The other club is American Heritage Girls. This group is for a group of young ladies 5-18, and not just for individual wanting to do their own program at home. The areas of emphasis are: life skills, leadership,teamwork, character development, social development, and spiritual development. If you are interested in starting a troop or joining one, click here.

Next week: Boys Clubs and Clubs for both boys and girls

5 thoughts on “Girls Clubs

  1. Lisa, this was just what I needed to read halfway through my first year of homeschooling my second grader! She is a completely diefferent girl- so happy and content being home with me this year compared to being in the public school last year, but she sometimes holds me against the “fun” things she used to do. Sometimes with Erika and Emily being older, my time with them takes away from all the “fun” I could/should be doing with Ellie. Finding that balance is difficult. After this post, I am hoping this will fill Ellie’s “ovid” of what she is “missing,” and we can continue to make some wonderful life memories together. My middle child loves structure and rewards, so I am so excited to start this. Just received the order today (started with the cake decorating kit) and the pins and sash and books and we’ll go from there… so excited. Thanks for sharing the link, I’ll be in touch when I need you to teach my girls on the next subject! 🙂


    • Yum! What a fun project to begin together. Do they have a basket weaving pin? I can teach that to Ellie and any other girlfriends you want to invite over. It’s easy and fun. I am so glad to hear this was beneficial to you and your family. 🙂


  2. Lisa, It was fun to see Keepers on your site. Pam Blair, Lisa Scheie, Christy Lanning and I started a Keepers Club this year on Monday nights. Our boys are all involved with the troop that meets at Church of the Covenant, and we decided that the girls should get to do fun things too! So now, we go AS A FAMILY to scouts. It’s really fun. We are having a full dress up tea party next week as the culmination of our tea party and etiquette badges! I love the freedom and flexibility and LACK of universal rules that Keepers has. It’s pretty much up to us what we require. There is also a Keepers book focused at younger children. We get silver pins for our younger girls and gold pins for the older girls. That way, the younger girls can repeat the badges when they are older on a deeper level. Thanks again!


    • Hi Kerry, after reading Lisa’s post, I just ordered some things to get my two girls started on the Keeper’s Club. They are very excited! We live in Lebanon, didn’t know how close you were to that area….


    • Kerry,
      Thank you for posting. What a great idea that all of you have scouts on the same evening. That cuts down on how many nights you are out of the house, thus eliminating stress. I also like the idea of the different color of pins.


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