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Girls Clubs

Isn’t it great to have girls and be able to do girlie things? There are some clubs that I’d like to feature because I feel it is important to affirm the feminine nature that can so easily be swept aside by society. I love that there are clubs for a girl to learn how to be a young woman while  providing service opportunities and having fun activities to do.

The first club is called Keepers at Home and can be done as a club with other girls or as a curriculum with just your family. There are two separate handbooks, one called Little Keepers at Home for ages 4-6 and Keepers at Home for ages 7-14. You can organize it as you like and there is a handbook that will guide you and give you projects to complete in order to earn badges. The areas of emphasis are: life skills, home making, scripture memorization, and service. Here is the website if you are interested: Keepers of the Faith

I also found a website that helps you begin a Keepers of the Home Group. Erica has useful tips with organizing and planning your own group. click here

The other club is American Heritage Girls. This group is for a group of young ladies 5-18, and not just for individual wanting to do their own program at home. The areas of emphasis are: life skills, leadership,teamwork, character development, social development, and spiritual development. If you are interested in starting a troop or joining one, click here.

Next week: Boys Clubs and Clubs for both boys and girls