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A Fun Writing Activity

Sometimes trying to get a child to write is like trying to get an overtired child to take a nap. It. isn’t. easy. I understand your frustration and exasperation since I have been there with my sons before too.

I was reading a blog today called Education with Docrunning and they were talking about creating a newspaper using this free tool at fodey.com. I was curious to see what it was all about and found this to be so fun that I spent more time than I had on creating a newspaper article. There is something about seeing what you have written in a newspaper format that makes it intriguing. I had so much fun that I created two articles and had to stop there. It is perfect for reluctant writers because not much is seen on the page. Of course, you can break it up into several newspapers if you like.

You can use my newspaper as a guide since you can see that you need to keep the name of your newspaper pretty short. Mine was McAfee’s Almanac and it was too long.  You can also make the date whatever you prefer. It would be great to use this style of summarizing an event from history, such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s speech, that occurred on August 28, 1963.  If you are interested in looking into this,  CLICK HERE

Student News Daily


A tutee’s (one who is being tutored) mom sent me this website that I think will be beneficial to teaching history. Student Daily News is a website that posts current event articles from around the world.

StudentNewsDaily.com is a non-profit current events website for high school students.Our goal is to build students’ knowledge of current events and strengthen their critical thinking skills.This is done by providing comprehension and critical thinking questions along with published news articles and other current events items from various news organizations.We provide resources that will enable students to become informed viewers and readers of the news.

There are several categories that constitute the site and you can either check the website at your convenience or sign up and have the articles delivered to your email box.

There is a Daily News article

Daily Best of the Web

World Events

Media Bias


News Quizzes

Political Cartoons

I love the features at the end of the articles.  There is  a quiz about the article and background for your student to have some knowledge in order to read the article and explain anything that might be needed to understand what is being read.

Here is the link to check it out. CLICK HERE