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Epic: An eBook Library

This looks amazing! Epic is an electronic library that has a collection of over 20,000 titles for children from preschool through age 12. In addition to the books, children can watch educational videos and listen to audio books.

The price is reasonable at $4.99 per month, less than the cost of a book. You can also have up to four reader profiles on one account and use multiple devices. If you are not sure the reading  level of the book there are also Lexile levels listed for most titles. Book suggestions for your reader are made and the more your child reads, the more refined the suggestions will become.

Here are just some of the books that your reader can enjoy. Note that there are both fiction and nonfiction titles from which to choose. For more details, CLICK HERE 

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 11.01.25 AM