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Learning Styles

You may have read the interview with Jill Champagne that I posted concerning figuring out your children. We are all so complex, so it is hard to put a “label” on our children. While I am not saying we can lump everyone into a category, I do think there are three broad categories that we can say people learn best. If we can see what learning style best fits our children, this will help in the way that we teach our students. If I were to teach you something brand new, how would you prefer I go about doing it? Would you like me to tell you, show you, or would you like to be “hands-on”? The three categories are auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. 

Auditory students are those who prefer you to give them verbal instructions rather than showing them how to do it. I used to get upset with my oldest son when I would want to show him something and he would say’ “Just tell me how to do it, Mom. I can figure it out myself.” When I realized he learned best through verbal instruction I was able to relax and teach more that way for him. Students who are auditory like to have stories read aloud to them, and enjoy hearing lectures such as podcasts. They are the students who could listen to you read Story of the World for hours if you had the time! Sonlight would be a great fit for an auditory student since many of their stories are Read-Alouds. These scholars also learn from songs that and rhythms. Ian learned his multiplication tables through song and he says he still hears them in his head when he is trying to think of a certain product.

Visual students enjoy brightly teacher-chalkboardcolored textbooks, videos, and video games. Students that are able to best learn from this modality would do well with online courses or distance learning that both Bob Jones and ABeka offer. Other curricula to consider are: Teaching Textbooks, and science or history videos and computer games. Now, I am not saying all their schoolwork should be spent playing video games, but there are some terrific programs that I think are beneficial.

Kinesthetic students get in there and want to experience what you are teaching. Math-U-See is great for students because they can manipulate the pieces and understand what is being taught. If you have a younger student using items such as: counting bears, blocks, beads or pretzel rods (yum!) helps them learn. Lapbooks and unit studies with projects and curriculum such as Weaver and Heart of Dakota are great for students who need to be physically involved with learning.

Of course, each one of us does not learn solely through one means. I think the ideal way to learn is by using all of these in combination. Some subjects and new concepts lend themselves more easily to one way to teach better than another. But, if you are aware that your child learns the best from one of these ways of presenting information over another, use that style as much as you possibly can. Teach to your student’s strengths and help them develop in areas where they are weak.


Online Courses and Schools

As your students get older and study more difficult subject matter, you may think you have to enroll your student in school because you cannot teach upper level courses. I understand how you feel, but there are a variety of options now that you can feel confident that your teen can get a great education from top quality teachers and programs.

Not to the junior high/high school level yet, but need options? Some of you may have circumstances where you need some help with classes. There are several programs that offer distance learning throughout a child’s academic career.

Here is a sampling of what is available. There are many more classes and programs from which to choose. I hope at least one of them I listed will meet your needs.

Online Classes

Mathematics, Science I just found out about Think Well.  A mom who I know had her two daughters complete courses in mathematics. She said the girls enjoyed the classes and  both of them are in college now. To preview, click here

Composition Write at Home provides writing coaches for middle school and high school students. Online writing courses are offered or you can pay for individual papers to be graded. Teachers provide helpful feedback for your student. Click here to view the demo.

Latin, Greek, Ancient History, Art and Architecture I had the privilege to be in a co-op with Regan and Amy Barr several years ago. They have been  teaching interactive online classes since 2005 and my son and I took the Imperial Murder Mystery eons ago. (Sorry for the bad joke, I couldn’t help it!) Class offerings are for students ages 10 and older. Lukeion Project

Free College Online Courses There are over 500 courses here!  I saw several I would like to take myself. 🙂 Open Culture

Kahn Academy Here is the mission statement of Kahn Academy: “With over 3,200 videos on everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history and hundreds of skills to practice, they are there to help you learn what you want, when you want, at your own pace.”

The Potter’s School “integrates academic scholarship and biblical worldview to prepare students for college, career, and life.” I know two of the tutors that are on staff and they are excellent. If you look at the list of tutors you will see they are an international group and have interesting fields of expertise. Your student can take honors classes and receive a diploma that is accredited. tps

Bob Jones Distance Learning You can choose several options for the courses you take through Bob Jones: online; hard drive, or DVD. I know several families who chose this option for their students and many have enjoyed using the program. bjuonline

ABeka Academy is a distance leaning program for gradesK-12. I have a friend whose first grade daughter LOVED her teacher. She sent her a Christmas card and the teacher sent her a thank you note. They are planning on taking a vacation this year to Pensacola, Florida where the school is located in order for her to meet her teacher. What a huge endorsement for this program! ABeka

K12 is a program that your student is enrolled in and you are not actually “homeschooling”. Families sometimes find themselves in a situation where they cannot teach the classes themselves, but sending your student is not an option either. This program offers a viable option for that type of circumstance. Online classes are for students grades K-12 and you can choose from public, private schools  or individual classes. click here

If you have found a program you have used and like please post a comment for others to investigate. Have you used one of the programs that I have written about and would like to share about your experience? Please do so as your insight can help others make a better informed decision. Have a great day!