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April Copywork

April is here and I have a complied a collection of a few poems for your student to copy for handwriting, copywork and/or dictation. I chose a poem by Robert Louis Stevenson who was an Scottish author most known for his books of Treasure Island, The Black Arrow, and The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

While I have read Treasure Island, I also read the book of poetry called A Child’s Garden of Verses (first published in 1885)¬†that I thoroughly enjoyed as a child. It’s interesting that books stay with you for years. So, please be encouraged if you are having your children read poetry and you wonder if it is worth it when you hear protests. I am proof to have your child read and study poetry. ūüôā Happy April!

Here is the document to print:  April Copywork

April Copywork_000001



February Copywork

Presidents Day and Black History Month are both in February and I wanted to honor each  of these historical events by featuring quotes from famous people. I have enjoyed learning about George Washington and Martin Luther King over the years of studying history.

I just finished reading Booker T. Washington’s autobiography and all I can say is, what an incredible man! If you have never read Up from Slavery, I highly recommend it. Booker was known as the Black Moses and did so much for the Negro community in helping educate former slaves during the Reconstruction period. It was difficult to limit myself to a couple of quotes!¬†CLICK ON LINK FOR COPYWORK¬†february-copywork-dictation-passages



Here are some books for your student to read about each of these men who helped shape our history.



David Adler has written excellent biographies for elementary students to enjoy. Featuring his life from birth through his two presidencies, this can be a read aloud for first and second grade students.  Grades 3+

Click on book to purchase.


51vvb8vnyal-_sy386_bo1204203200_¬†Writing with a quill pen, rolling beeswax candles, and playing games that were popular during George Washington’s time are a few of the 21 activities that are in this interactive biography. Timelines, maps, and journal entries are included in this For Kids series that your student is sure to enjoy! Grades 4+ ¬† ¬† ¬†Click on book to purchase.



In the book, Martin Luther King, Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” that was spoken at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, the hardships and triumphs he experienced along the way bring the speech to life. Grades 3+ Click on book to purchase.





Using the six enduring principles that “Uncle M.L.” taught, King’s niece describes events that took place during the Civil Rights movement in which practiced them. Grades 5+¬†Click on book to purchase.




“Born into slavery, young Booker T. Washington could only dream of learning to read and write. After emancipation, Booker began a five-hundred-mile journey, mostly on foot, to Hampton Institute, taking his first of many steps towards a college degree. When he arrived, he had just fifty cents in his pocket and a dream about to come true. The young slave who once waited outside of the schoolhouse would one day become a legendary educator of freedmen.

Award-winning artist Bryan Collier captures the hardship and the spirit of one of the most inspiring figures in American history, bringing to life Booker T. Washington’s journey to learn, to read, and to realize a dream.” – Booklist ¬† Grades 2+ Click on book to purchase.¬†


Chronicling Mr. Washington’s life, ¬†this is a graphic novel biography for elementary students who would like to learn more about the amazing and selfless man who helped educate freed blacks after the Civil War. Grades 2+ Click on book to purchase.




This Dover Edition of Up From Slavery is such an affordable price for  a wonderful book. Mr. Washington had such wisdom in educating blacks and reaching out to whites during the Reconstruction Period. I found myself wanting to underline much of the book because of the things he had to say about love, forgiveness, working hard, and the value of education. Why did I wait so long to read this autobiography? This is a keeper for your home library. 9th grade +  Click on book to purchase.