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Chore Cards: Completing Housework


Chores can be a negative word in a child’s mind, okay, in an adult’s mind too! So, how do you get housework done around the house without a lot of nagging and threatening? I wish I had the cure to share with you because I would be a wealthy woman selling my solution!  It is a matter of discipline for all involved. You have to be disciplined in seeing that the work gets done and your family members have to be disciplined in doing the work.

One of the biggest frustrations I found with my sons was that work was “half done” or not done to my satisfaction. Do you call a bathroom clean when the mirror still has toothpaste on it? hmmm… I found myself having to go and round up the one whose chore it was and be right there while the job was completed correctly.

By creating a simple checklist, chores  were done correctly. Laminating an index card with a list of things to be done for each chore worked well. I first demonstrated each step on the chore card and watched a few times to be sure the steps were done properly. If you decide to do this, the time invested in the beginning will give you huge dividends in the long run.  I kept the chore card in the room which was being cleaned, but they can also all be kept in a central location.

Chore cards can be different colors for different rooms for easy reference. It is frustrating when you have a system in place and it gets derailed because of a small detail. You can type and duplicate the directions for each chore card in case it gets lost.   Here is an example for cleaning the living room:

Living Room

Supplies Needed: Dust rag, furniture polish, vacuum cleaner


  1. Pick up any toys/items that do not belong  and put them in their proper place.
  2. Using the dust rag, wipe off the lamp shade and the baseboards.
  3. Lightly spray the wooden table with the furniture polish and use the dust rag to rub in the polish.
  4. Vacuum the rug, making sure you move the furniture.
  5. Replace the furniture and the vacuum to their original spot.
  6. Put away furniture polish and throw dust rag in the laundry.
  7. Return the chore card to its proper place.

I realize everyone’s house and standard of clean is different, but hopefully this gives you ideas and saves you time. 🙂