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Book Lists for Middle School

imagesI am sorry I couldn’t come up with an interesting title for this topic, but being direct works too. ūüôā It’s easy to keep up with reading ahead of your children when they are young readers, but it becomes more difficult as the books get longer. I am posting some lists here for you to be able to determine which ones are appropriate for your student. I don’t like getting caught off guard and trying to find a book while I am at the library. There are thousands to choose from at the library and I wander around pulling books off the shelf, reading the insides of dust covers. ¬†After spending several moments of doing that, I ¬†realize that the book is not suitable for my student and have to begin all over again. Thus, wasting time while I could be doing something else. I hope to save you from the same fate.

Middle School Lists

Suggested Classic List¬†¬†This particular list has done part of the work for you as it has a description behind each title. don’t be intimidated that it says 8th grade if you are wanting a book for a 4th grader because there are titles that are lower leveled readers.

Good Reads Classic List This list has 83 titles listed and a rating/ review of each book.

Classic Middle School  This list has levels behind them, and I am not sure I agree with all of the placements, but you can determine that for your reader. A blogger has taken this list and written a description for each of the books. For details on specific books Click Here

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