Tips for Homeschooling When It Is Hectic

There are certain times when it can be difficult to fit in homeschooling along with the other situations you may find in your life, whether that is a new baby, a sick relative, or a busier than usual time of the year. While it is important to see to the educational needs of your child, you can also take a break from your regular work or routine if needed. School can still be done, just perhaps in a different way than you thought. You can return to your curriculum and/or school schedule once things settle down. Here are some ideas to help you.

Audiobooks– Don’t have time to read aloud to your child? Find a book that your child will find interesting. If you have a library card, your system may have Hoopla or Libby, both are free to use. Your child can either write or narrate a summary of each chapter or the book. Everyone can tell you the main characters and the plot of the story. You can go into depth with your older child by discussing the themes of the story (Language Arts, other subjects depending upon what you or your child has chosen.).

Educational Videos- You can find documentaries, places to travel, science experiments, and other interesting topics. You only need to do a Google search and a great big list of videos to watch will appear! You may need to preview the video to make sure it is appropriate for your child (age level, content, etc). For older students, this is a great way to incorporate Language Arts. Your student can take notes and summarize the video. Have them give it a thumbs up/down and support their answer.

Project- This can be done in a manner of ways. You can assign an activity that can enhance the audiobook or video. Your child can draw a picture, create a PowerPoint, make a poster, create a photo collage, act out their favorite scene or create an additional one, and so on. They might find additional videos and make a list to share with you and others.

Do your children like to craft and can do some things on their own? Great! Let them create something (Art). They can make cards (Language Arts), organize their toys (Math- logic, counting, spatial intelligence), make a model (Science, Art, History), read to a younger sibling (Language Arts), bake cookies and take to a neighbor or friend (Math, Health).

Shopping- If you celebrate a holiday event, making a list of things to purchase (this can be drawn or written) can be counted for Language Arts as well as for Math (order items according to price, like rating system 1- I would like to have 5-I don’t want anything else!).

Games- Do you have games the children can play? Many of these are actually math and logic games. You can also play games in the car. Have math races- call out a multiplication problem and see how fast they can solve it. Do you have a little one who is just beginning to learn their alphabet, colors, numbers? Find examples of these as you travel in your vehicle. You can also listen to an audiobook in the car.

This is just a list to stir up your own creative juices. Feel free to add more of your own ideas. Of course, if things are extremely hectic and you can’t get school done, take some time off! Scheduling a school break is fine; it just might have been an unexpected one and that’s okay. You will have time to make up the time missed within the rest of your school year.

Blessings to you! Have a great week! ~ Lisa ~

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