Homeschooling Round Two

If you haven’t noticed, I love homeschooling and believe in the right of the parent to choose the education you want for your child. I am blessed to live close to my grandchildren and I have the privilege to be homeschooling again! It’s just one day a week, but I am looking forward to all the things we will be doing and what the children will be learning.

Last week we worked on the letter B and did all things bat related. The children made bats out of toilet paper rolls from this book and here is the link: I am Not a Toilet Paper Roll

We also counted bats and matched the numeral to the number counted, identified shapes within the bats worksheet, played an echolocation game (the children loved it!), and watched a video of the reading of Zipping, Zapping, Zooming Bats.

Have you heard about Dot Markers? They are washable, not toxic markers that have sponges on the end of them and are perfect for young students, those who have difficulty with small motor activities, or someone who doesn’t like to color. We used these and they were a huge success!

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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