Busy Jar

Having things to do for your children after they complete school can be a challenge. Creating a Busy Jar can help. Write activities on pieces of paper and place all of them in a Busy Jar. Your child(ren) can pull out one from the jar to do. Here are some activities for your jar. another benefit to this is that it can be considered school. (art, science, language arts)

Build a fort.

Paint a self portrait.

Write a play and act it out.

Make cards for: nursing homes; veterans; family; friends; neighbors

Using a roll of paper, create a comic strip or storyline. One person writes, the next person draws/ writes a line, the the next person does the same.

Draw a design on a piece of paper and then hand it to the next person. They add to the design. Continue around to the rest of the group until it returns to its creator. You get some fun and crazy things!


Make a maze or marble tower out of a cardboard box and paper towel rolls.

Air dry clay- create a sculpture and paint a few days later.

Make goop.

Make slime.

Blow bubbles and see if you can pop all of them before they land.

Google Lego 30 Day Challenge and choose your favorite prompts.

Choose a theme and make a photo collage with words/ pictures. (ex; pictures that have red in them; all pictures begin with a certain letter, etc.)

Learn to say your name and a few phrases in sign language.

Hide an object and draw a pirate map to its location.

Create a stuffed animal zoo.

Play flashlight Hide and Seek.

Create window art.

Using a map, close your eyes and point to a place. Now, figure out the roads you will use to get there. What places would you like to visit along the way?

Write a song or create a cheer about a topic without using the word.

Dance for three songs in a row.

Create a new board game (This can stretch out over weeks if you like. They have to write the rules/ directions, draw and color the board, play the game.)

Have relay races inside or outside.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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