Get Up and Move!

Part of homeschooling is for us to teach or offer opportunities for Physical Education. Did you ever think of getting dual benefits from this? You can exercise right along with your children! That’s a genius idea, don’t you think? lol Your daughter/son can even help you come up with ideas and can lead class if you like. Here are some ideas to help get your moving. These are all indoor activities, but you can easily adapt them for outdoors too.

Obstacle course – Use pillows to walk around, steps to climb, crawling under the kitchen table, jumping across the room, etc.

Stretches, calisthenics (jumping jacks, squats, lunges, moving side to side, jogging in place, push-ups)

Snow shooters- With a bag of mini Marshmallows, some 9″ balloons, and disposable cups, you can create a really fun game that will keep your kiddo(s) and you moving. Cut off the bottom part of the balloon and place the rest of the balloon over the top of a disposable cup. This is your “shooter”. Add some marshmallows into the cup, pull back on the balloon and let go! The marshmallows will come flying out! You can have fun with having an indoor “snowball fight” and racing around to retrieve your ammo.

snow shooter

Balloon Games- How many times can you hit the balloon before it falls to the ground? You can play “volleyball” too! Put down a piece of masking tape for the “net” and try to get your opponent to step on the net or miss hitting the balloon to score a point. Walk with an inflated balloon between your legs from one end of the room to the other end.

Relay Races- Crab walk; hopping (one foot or both feet); crawling; carry a pom pom (or any light object) on a spoon; walk backwards, carry an orange under your chin, etc.

Tag– This is a great way to get the blood circulating and burning up some calories. How about variations of the game such as freeze or tickle tag?

Exercise video- There are a lot of free exercise videos on the internet. I chose one that is 25 minutes, but you can certainly pick something shorter.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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