Homeshooling: You’ve Got This

I was very confident when we decided to homeschool. It wasn’t until I started sharing with my family and friends that I started to second-guess myself. Could I do this? Can you do this? With much thought, discussion, prayer, and seeking wise counsel of veteran homeschoolers I realized I could do this, not just for one year, but for as long as my husband I felt we should do it. Can you do it? Absolutely! Here are some questions that were frequently asked, I bet you have heard some of these before too. 🙂

What about socialization? If I had a dollar for every time I heard that, I think I would be a wealthy woman. (haha) In this age of Corona virus people are wanting children to keep their distance, eat lunch six feet apart, not play on the playground, etc. I don’t see socializing happening much at school. There are community programs and activities that you can take your son/ daughter to that can provide experiences to interact with others. We were involved in co-ops, PE and art classes, park programs, play dates, and all kinds of things where the boys could make friends.

Was I the best teacher for my child? I realized that I was the best simply because I knew my son better than anyone else. I knew what he liked, what he didn’t like and I could adjust things as needed for optimum learning, whether that was curricula, schedules, or interests.

How could I teach multiple children? (This question came later since my kids were three years apart.) I knew I could teach some subjects together (social studies, science, Bible, health, and safety). I figured out a schedule and system for me to teach language arts and math separately because of ability. Here is something to consider: your teacher to student ratio is better than if your child was in a traditional classroom.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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