Homeschool: Teaching Music

One of the requirements you may have to teach when you are homeschooling is music. You do not need to do anything so ambitious as enroll them in music lessons or teach them how to read notes. Although, if you want to do that, it would be great! You can introduce your daughter/son to musical instruments with books such as these titles. If you click on the books it will take you to the site to learn more about them and purchase if you so choose.

Zin! Zin! Zin! A Violin by Lloyd Moss is a lyrical book teaching children about instruments and how each one adds to the richness of the orchestra.

Here is a video of the book that has a short musical piece as each instrument is introduced for children to see and hear it.

A Child’s Introduction to the Orchestra by Robert Levine is terrific book because not only does it teach about the various instruments in the orchestra, but it has song selections too.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~

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