Great Resources for Homeschooling

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So, you are thinking about homeschooling next year. That’s awesome! You may be wondering, “Where do I start?”

I found it helpful to find a few trusted sources for information. Start out with just a couple of things to investigate. It can be overwhelming if you try to tackle it all at once. After you have answers for those couple of questions, then pick a couple of more to research. Pretty soon you will be a pro and ready to go! Here are a few great resources to help you get started.

Are you looking for curriculum? Cathy Duffy Reviews is a good resource with a summary of each of her top picks. She also has a book called How to Choose Homeschool Curriculum that would be worth the investment since it covers setting goals, types of learners, and  philosophies of education.

Two great companies from which to buy homeschool books/ curriculum are:

Join a Facebook Group and/or a support group. There are both secular and Christian groups. Facebook groups are very helpful, but I liked talking and meeting up with people. People are more than happy to help you. If you have any questions that I can help you with, comment below.

Have a great week! ~Lisa~


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