Helping Young Students Write

Please forgive me for not getting to write sooner.  My husband had some medical issues and has spent almost a month in the hospital. It is difficult to write anything when so much is happening. But, I have been thinking of you and what would be something that would benefit you who have young students. A comment that I hear often from moms is that their child (especially boys) don’t like to write. It takes a lot of practice, baby steps, and many successful experiences to get children comfortable with writing.

Be a scribe for your daughter/son so they see that they see they have something to say/ write about. Write down what they say and read it back to them. Here are some ideas:

  • Find a funny picture and have your child tell you about it. You can use the picture below of the giraffe if you like.
  • Have your son tell you a funny joke.
  • Have your daughter tell you about her favorite toy.


Do small writing projects.  Many times children are excited about telling a story, but get bogged down with the physical act of writing. Small writing projects are just the thing! They bring huge successes to your budding writers.

  • Lists- your son can write a list of their favorite things (toys, sports, season, things to do). You can use this list for writing later by finding which list has the most interest and information and have him write about that.
  • Have your daughter put 3-4 pictures in order and then tell what happened. If you can find pictures of a family event that would be interesting and more engaging. If you have ever been to my house for a homeschool assessment you have met my extremely friendly cat, Oreo. Here are four pictures you can use if you like.

I have more ideas that I will share with you next week. If you try one of these and would like to send a quick email I would love to hear from you! It makes my day when I know I have helped.

Have a great week! ~ Lisa ~

One thought on “Helping Young Students Write

  1. Lisa, Please know we are praying for you and your husband. Your blogs are always inspiring. Appreciate you even if I don’t tell you often. Blessings! Christa

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