5 Inexpensive Valentine’s Ideas

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Valentine’s Day is a wonderful way of showing your husband how much you love him. I know money can be tight, so here are some ideas that won’t break your piggy bank.

Create a coupon book. These coupons can be created to do simple things for your husband such as vacuum out the car; give a back rub; watch one of his favorite movies with him; go for a hike; listen to his favorite music with him, etc.

Food! The old adage, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” may not be accurate, but a good homecooked meal or a yummy dessert is greatly appreciated by my husband.  If your hubby has a favorite meal, why not cook that for him?

Have a quiet evening together. After the kids have gone to bed turn the lights down low and snuggle on the couch. I bet you can’t even remember the last time that happened! lol

Get a sitter and go on a date. Can you trade off with a friend for watching the kids for an evening? You could go out for dinner, go bowling, window shop at a sporting goods store or do something that your husband enjoys.

Tell him how much you love him. I have a confession to make. Sometimes life just gets busy and days go by without me saying, “I love you!” to my husband. Telling him that and letting him know why I love him is something I want to do with much more frequency. It doesn’t cost anything but is priceless. 🙂

Have a great week! ~Lisa~



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