Fossil Digging

I haven’t met a child yet that wasn’t interested in dinosaurs or fossils. I think almost every child (myself included) imagined digging up a dinosaur or at least one bone! The wonderful thing about that dream is we live in an area where fossils are easily found. People come from all over the world to have the opportunity to dig and take treasures home with them. We even have a fossil park that is purely dedicated for that purpose!

Public Places to Fossil Hunt 

Sharonville Trammel Fossil Park

Caesar Creek Lake Spillway

Oakes Quarry Park

Dry Dredgers has lots of great tips for fossil digging if this is your first time. They also have a photo gallery for you to identify your finds!

It’s wise to be prepared by wearing old clothes, taking a garden trowel, a bucket, wet wipes for your hands and your camera to capture those,” Look what I found!” moments. No dig would be complete without a field guide to take with you!  Click on the book for the link.


If you are interested in visiting the Answers in Genesis museum, it is not far from downtown Cincinnati and has some amazing animatronic dinosaurs your children will love. Answers in Genesis has a wide variety of books, curriculum, videos, and games for you to purchase, either while you are there, or to order online. Here is just one title of the plethora of books they have for your student. Click on the book for the link.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.26.55 AM

National Geographic has a series of books for younger children. I located one that is about dinosaurs. Click on the book for the link.

Screen Shot 2018-10-22 at 5.23.02 AM

Miami University in Oxford, Ohio has a well-kept secret called the Hefner Museum of Natural History. This is a terrific place to see displays and mammoth bones. Also, check into borrowing their Discovery Trunks. They are free of charge and have wonderful examples of 50 different types of fossils. I loved using these because they have fantastic specimens that I would love to have found myself, but alas, never did!:)

Happy Digging!  ~Lisa~

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