Being Overwhelmed

It seems that summer should be the time to relax and enjoy a slower paced life. I don’t have to teach, I don’t have to get up as early as during the school year, yet I find myself in this state of busyness. I feel like…


a hamster on a wheel going nowhere fast. (notice the hair!) Can you relate?

I found that I need to make myself accountable to people to have fun. Doesn’t that sound crazy?! Well, I realized that if don’t initiate doing something with a friend it isn’t going to happen. Everyone else is just as busy as me and instead of waiting for someone to call me, I decided I would reach out to them instead. (Guess which one is me?)


I have two friends who like to go walking and it is a great time to get caught up on life and have fun while we exercise at the same time. I love doing this, because as lame as it sounds, it also holds me accountable for getting my exercise in too. I have found that time flies when I am exercising, and talking and sharing, as opposed to me just walking by myself. When walking solo, I find I am constantly checking my watch and going shorter distances than when I am doing this with a friend.

I also have a dear friend whose husband owns a bike shop. I can get her to ride bikes with me, which is the only sport that I have invested money in and do regularly. Again, I like to bike with someone rather than go by myself. Can you tell I am an extrovert and love being with people? You’d never guess. lol

This isn’t my bike, but I loved the picture. My bike is more of a thin-tired, get- there, faster kind of bike. I love speeding along and feeling the breeze whip through my hair. I haven’t mastered the art of a leisure bike ride at this point, but give me another 15 years or so, and I maybe I will. 🙂


Lastly, I am trying to find some spare moments just to meet up with friends to grab a tea or a smoothie and just check in with each other. I try to keep it just an hour so that we can touch base. This doesn’t happen often, but it is a treat when I can do it. After all, I need encouragement the same as everyone else. It looks like in this photo too many sweets have been eaten, but it looks like a picture of contentment.


So, I am encouraging you to take the step of slowing down and reaching out to a friend (or two) to be encouraged and provide encouragement. Take time to these summer days; they are slipping away all too quickly. Take pictures to remember so when school starts and you are back in the thick of things you will remember those great time and plan more.  I realize you may not have much free time to be able to get out of the house, but you can call a friend or send a card if you can’t. I had many days where I just needed to call a friend to hear an adult voice of reason. You can also trade childcare with a friend so that you can each have some time to relax and refuel. Better still, meet at a park and let the kids play while you chat.

I appreciate all your family’s schooling and well-being. You are awesome! Enjoy your day.


2 thoughts on “Being Overwhelmed

  1. Drowning in that overwhelm today/this summer.
    The pool is my happy place… and I do make that happen often. But I also have this crowd of nay- sayers to cajole into shared activity now and I am SO mentally/emotionally exhausted by that.


  2. I am sorry to hear that! I know that is hard to get everyone to do an activity. I try to focus on finding something positive and try to ignore the negativity. It’s not always easy to do though!


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