Happy Mother’s Day!


I know this is a day late since I post on Mondays, but I wanted to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day and celebrate you! You don’t get enough recognition by being a homeschool mom, but I realize all the hard work you do and I applaud you! Thank you for all that you do for your husband and your children.

When you began embarking on the homeschool journey I bet you didn’t realize how involved it was going to be; I know I didn’t! You are invaluable to your family. Even though many of you do not bring home a paycheck, you are saving your family so much money. Let me take the time to point out a all of the jobs you do each day when in school and each of these salaries. (These are not random numbers; I looked them up on indeed.com)

Principal: Execute the daily schedule for your school and your student(s). Oversee the behavior of the student body and teachers. (Oh, that’s you! lol) Communicate with the superintendent, oversee daily operation of school Salary: $72,000

Curriculum director: Research, determine educational philosophy; Research, purchase, borrow, swap, trade textbooks, unit studies, videos, online programs and games, and educational apps Salary: $50,000

Teacher: Prepare lessons, teach subjects, encourage and discipline students, grade papers Salary: $50,000

Administrative Assistant: Answer phone calls, organize office Salary: $20,000

Lunchroom Cook and Staff: Plan, prepare, serve meals; clean up lunchroom Salary: $36,000

Nurse: See to the wellbeing of all the student body and staff (If you get sick, there are usually no subs for the day!), health counseling Salary: $37,000

Janitor: Clean and sanitize school, maintain school grounds Salary: $30,000

Guidance Counselor: Help student with course selections, career planning, graduation, assist with college applications, coordinate graduation ceremony Salary: $50,000

Athletic Director and Coach: Schedule games, transport students to and from practices and events, fundraising  Salary: $52,000

Bus Driver: Transport students to and from school (lol) and extra curricular events Salary: $33,000

Grand Total of combined salaries: $415,000! You are worth every penny and if I had it to give you, I would. 🙂 Thank you for working tirelessly and may times without any acknowledgement. You are a tremendous mother and your children are blessed to have you as their mom.


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