Less Stress December


December Deluge is what I think this month should be called. Shopping, parties, making goodies, visiting family and friends, when are you supposed to fit schooling in? lol Here are some ideas of ways that I have tried to keep things less stressful in December.

Shorten the lessons. Instead of doing math as usual, what about having less problems by assigning the even numbered or odd numbered problems? Add a few more if your child is not getting the concept, but if they are doing well, it will be fine.

Incorporate the extras you may do this month into your schedule. Do not overload yourself and your children by thinking you can do it ALL and then some. If you do extra things this month, consider rearranging your schedule to accommodate what you want/need to do.

Use the activities as part of school. Do you go see relatives? This is a great time to listen to audio books. Stop the story at a climatic point and ask the children what they think will happen. I guarantee you will get responses. Plus, this is a way of checking comprehension (language arts). Are you going to be baking? This is a good time to have a lesson on fractions (measuring ingredients), multiplication (How many cookies are on the baking tray?), division (How many cookies do we give to 6 people?). Health is an area that moms sometimes ask me how to teach when I see them for portfolio reviews. Washing hands, cleaning surfaces, washing dishes are all ways to prevent the spreading of germs, and there you have your health lesson!

Have a great December,





2 thoughts on “Less Stress December

  1. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks so much for this post! I needed a reminder to pare down our work for the month of December. I love getting fresh ideas, too!

    Many thanks,


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