calendarAh, yes! Planning is something that we need to do when homeschooling so that we can accomplish what we subjects we have determined to study. Some people thrive at this while others dread it. Depending upon what the task is, I can look forward to planning or I can dread it and stop dead in my tracks. So, how do I help myself gain momentum and complete the task of planning?

) I deliberately choose things I am almost certain to complete in order to gain the mental fortitude I need to tackle the harder things. Let me give you some examples. My plan today consists of things that begin with P. No, I am usually not this clever!

  • Panera (I am going to meet a gal to pick up a Mystery of History book that I am purchasing from her. I WILL NOT go in the store and pick up that free birthday treat that is awaiting me! I’ll see how that goes!)
  • Portfolios– I have several families to review their work.
  • Portfolio Notes I have to schedule time to write notes for the families.
  • Plan meals (only a week at a time for my small family)
  • Purchase groceries
  • Prepare dinner

I try to estimate how much time each of these is need in order to be completed and usually add one more thing to do on my list for good measure. lol

Panera– 30 minutes

Portfolio reviews– 3 hours

Portfolio Notes- 1.5 hours

Plan meals- 30 minutes

Purchase groceries- 1 hour

Place groceries in their proper places (Sorry, I had to an alliteration!) 15 minutes

Prepare dinner- 15 minutes

TOTAL— 6.5 hours That’s a good day right there! 🙂

The most difficult task on my list is the portfolio notes because I like to think over what I am going to say an review notes one more time. It also takes me a terribly long time to type. But, I guess that is better than hand writing them (maybe… lol).

Make a list of 5 things you would like to get completed today and write them down. Remember, keep them manageable. Check at the end of the day to see how well you did. Of course, if you have a large project, just do that for the day. Break it up into 5 smaller tasks and I am sure you will feel that you can cross that off your list. If you don’t get it all done, carry it over to the next day and do not feel guilty!

Have a great week!

~ Lisa


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