4 End of the School Year Details


Many of you will be finishing homeschooling in the next few weeks. Let me give you three cheers and a high five! Congratulations on accomplishing completing a year of teaching. As you wrap up your year, here are four details to remember:

  • Celebrate the accomplishments of your school year. You did it! You taught your child something new this year that they did not know previously. It could have been addition or subtraction facts, how to read, or the discipline of finishing within a deadline.  Head to the nearest ice cream parlor to treat yourself and your student on a job well done.
  • Check to see what the requirements are for you to continue homeschooling. In Ohio you either need to have your child take a nationally normed test or have a licensed teacher, such as myself, review your student’s school work.
  • Evaluate what worked this year, what needs to be changed. Did you have a successful school year with the spelling program that you used? Then, do not change it! If there were struggles, was it because of the curriculum or is there a possibility of something else occurring, such as a learning difficulty?
  • Take a break! You and your child deserve a break after a long school year. Take some time off to replenish and renew yourselves. If you are concerned about losing ground on reading or math skills, then just do a little bit of reading and reviewing math facts  each week.

Have a great week!



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