City Goggles: Places to visit in the area


Don’t you just love when you have pleasant surprises? Well, today was just the day when I received one. I am on a homeschool forum and one of the moms posted a link to her son’s page concerning places to visit here in the Greater Cincinnati area. I was intrigued by the miniatures museum and went to check it out.

Cory Woodruff is a student at DAAP at the University of Cincinnati and chose to do his senior capstone project on coffee shops and various other places to enjoy in Southwestern Ohio and Northern/ Central Kentucky. Not only did his short clips make me want to visit the locations he chose to film, but I also found his angle shots interesting and his story lines intriguing.

The surprise that I had was when I looked at his gallery page and found that my son in Cory’s videos. Malcolm is representing Carabello Coffee, the shop that he has worked at for the past 2 years!  Carabello Coffee is a wonderful place to visit and get a great cup of coffee and nosh on sweets and delicious Bella Pops.  I am posting the link to Cory’s project so you can enjoy all the clips. City Goggles Be sure to check out the statue video as well. He has history links to each of the statues and you can incorporate this into your history studies.

Perhaps some of your children are interested in film and are exploring career and hobby possibilities. I hope to have an interview with Cory in the near future.  🙂

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