Inspector Gadget Series: Florida


For those days when everyone is wanting to get out of the house and explore, but the weather is stopping you, I have a solution! How about a travel video for Social Studies?

Inspector Gadget, the   quirky, half-human, half-robot detective who [inadvertently] solves crime has another video, this time he is investigating Florida! Disney Educational Productions has  produced a series for children ages 6-12 that are 59 minutes long that show you various fun places to visit. Here is a sneak peek of the points of interest that can be seen in this video: St. Augustine, The Keys, and the Space Coast – NASA and Cape Canaveral.

(The sun wall hanging in the picture was made by my oldest son in an art co-op class. It makes me think of warm summer days! The shells were made by God; I must give Him all the credit. 🙂 )

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