New Year Resolutions


I am not a big fan of New Year Resolutions, but I think the end of the year s a good place to stop and look at your school year thus far. It is also a time to make adjustments if needed.


Curriculum– What is working and what is not? If some part of your curricula isn’t working, choose something else that will be a better fit for your student and you. It’s terrible to dread the textbook you purchased and having to teach from it for the remainder of the year. If you or your pupil doesn’t like it, the rest of the year will seem interminable. While you are choosing something else, ask a friend if you can borrow what they are not currently using or find worksheets, classes on the internet. the main thing is to teach the subject and not abandon it.

Schedule- Do you need to change what time you begin school? Would teaching math at the beginning of your school day be better than teaching it before lunch? Do you even need a schedule? lol Remember, your school is not going to look like everyone else’s, nor should it; that is the beauty of homeschooling. You know your student best and have an idea what works according to their attention and interest. Use that to create a school day that is enjoyable and productive.


Refueling– In my opinion, January and February are the hardest months to teach. The newness of the school year has worn off and now you have to just dig in and get ‘er done. It’s hard to teach your child(ren) when you are tired, whether that is physical or emotional. What energizes you? How can you fit that into your schedule? I am serious in recommending that you take time to do something for yourself and if you could see me, you’d find me with a stern look on my face and a hand on my hip. 🙂 You don’t have to go overboard, but find something that is going to give you the extra charge you need.

Personal Care– Getting rest, eating right, and exercising are all vital to your well-being. You knew that would come up, right?  If you don’t take care of yourself it is hard to have the energy to teach school and take care of your family. I like to look at cookbooks from the library or troll the internet to add variety to our weekly meals. It’s strange how I end up gravitating to the same few recipes. Lately it has been roasted vegetables, which my husband has kindly asked me to delete the Brussel sprouts from his plate. 🙂 How about calling a friend or taking the kids to the mall to do a few laps to get your blood flowing and burn some of those extra calories you ate during the holidays.

Relationships- When is the last time you went on a date with your husband? What is your child’s favorite subject? Can you remember your friend’s favorite color? Take some time to reconnect with those who you care about since time is a fleeting thing. Maybe you don’t have a lot of time to go and do something, but doing something small is better that not doing anything. Ask your husband to meet you in the living room after the kids go to bed for a cup of java (decaf of course!) and play a board game or a computer game. Ask your child(ren) what is their favorite subject (beside lunch) and why. Listening to their response can give you clues as to how to teach. Call your friend during nap time just to say hello and catch up. Keep your conversation short if you have a lot to do, but let them know you are thinking of them and are still among the living. I have called my younger sister before and said, “Hi! My name is Lisa and I have heard you and I might have a lot in common.” lol

Have a fantastic new year,






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