Using Board Games for Math Skills


Math can become tedious at times with memorizing facts and completing rows of computation. How about getting out some board games to reinforce concepts?

Farkle is a game similar to Yahtzee where you roll dice and need certain dice combinations in order to win the game. For instance, you need  a combination of dice to get three of a kind or a small straight  (1, 2, 3, 4). But, unlike Yahtzee, you have to be careful or you will Farkle! This fun game teaches addition, subtraction, and critical thinking. Here is a  Free Resource from Teachers Pay Teachers that is a worksheet to keep track of your score. Do you have extra dice from other games? You can make this game yourself by using or purchasing 6 dice instead of acquiring the commercial version. Here are two more FREE worksheets to use that teach regrouping. CLICK HERE

Monopoly or Monoply Jr.  is a multi-grade level game with teaching children to count money, add, subtract, strategize, learn about monopolies, and economics as well as decision making. Teachers Pay Teachers has a list of free and inexpensive worksheets  to purchase if you are interested. CLICK HERE

Go Ape is similar to Go Fish, but instead of “asking”, you must pantomime what is on the card. This game is great for those that can’t sit still and for those who have  language deficits, not to mention how fun it is! Skills that can be reinforced by playing this game are matching and decision making. Acting and movement are part of the game too!

Uno is a classic game where you must match colors and/or numbers. This is a multi-grade game where older children can play this game with younger children. You can purchase the classic game or you can buy various versions such as Uno Attack.

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