What to Teach in Kindergarten


Kindergarten is such a great year of school with everything being new to your child in the world of academics, but it can be intimidating to you as a new homeschool teacher. What exactly does a kindergartner need to be learning?

Language Arts

Reading readiness is the main emphasis and core of the language arts program in kindergarten. Letter recognition and sounds are paramount and lay the foundation for being able to read. Once your scholar is comfortable with them you can have him begin to read sight words. Kidzone has a sight words page that you can download for FREE.  For penmanship have your student practice writing the alphabet, printing their full name, and practice copying the sight words they are learning.


Colors, number recognition, counting, and adding numbers to 20 are the concepts to concentrate upon throughout the year. Cutting with scissors and basic shape recognition are taught as well.

Social Studies

Knowing what a community is and how this operates is the main emphasis of study. Your student should know their address, phone number, community helpers such as: pastor, doctor, dentist, firefighter, police officer. letter carrier, and nurse are some of those professionals that your kindergartner will recognize and know what each of their jobs entail.


The human body, weather and animals are all introduced in kindergarten. A basic knowledge of each of these topics is all that is needed for your young student.

Health and Safety

Since your student is learning about the human body you can easily incorporate nutrition and disease prevention to fulfill the Ohio requirement for homeschooling your student.

Above all, have a fun year!


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