Language Arts Games to Play


Sometimes it’s just hard coming up with a way to reinforce grammar and spelling lessons. Instead of workbooks, how about some games? Your student will be engaged longer with the subject and with more than one of the senses involved, will better retain the information. So, pull out the games and have fun!


Word Games

  • Scrabble and Scrabble Jr. are not only ways to work on spelling, but these games require some strategy in the placement of words on the board. Mathematics skills can be reinforced as well if scorekeeping is involved. You can purchase it as a board game or you can get the app. for FREE!
  • Scattergories (pick a general category and write 10 letters of the alphabet going vertically) You don’t even have to purchase the game! You can create your own. Set the timer for one minute. Each player reviews their words and whoever has the most wins that round. Determine how many points will win the game ahead of time.
  • Boggle is a great game to play for middle school and older students. This online version has a timer and you can see how many words you can spell within the allotted time. Not only is this an online game, but it can be a board game to play with the whole family. You cab also purchase it as a board game if you like. Click Here
  • Mad Libs are fun, nonsensical stories that you fill in the blanks. A review of parts of speech and even giving a mini lesson helps students to think of adjectives, adverbs, nouns and verbs (plus others) to complete the story. You can download stories or purchase them. You can even download a free app of the game!

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