10 Indoor Activities for Preschoolers

imagesRunning and jumping are natural extensions of what preschoolers are all about, but sometimes it can be a bit much when having to stay inside. With just a little guidance  those wiggles can be a lot of fun. What are some ideas that you can do with your preschoolers? Here are some to try.

Bubble blowing is a lot of fun to do indoors. Try this activity during bath time. The soap bubbles dissolve in the water and no sticky mess to clean up.

Building with wooden blocks is a tried and true activity. Keep the blocks in a large bin for easy clean up and storage. Have a contest to see who can build the highest or the widest structure.

Sock toss is always fun when folding laundry. Set up the target, which can be the laundry basket. Socks can be either individual or made into a sock ball.

Hide and Seek can be played by hiding a stuffed toy and then walk through the house with your little one saying if they are “hot” (getting close to finding it), or “cold”, going further away from where it is hidden.

Create an indoor fort was one favorite activity my boys loved to do. Get an old sheet or two and drape over a table.  Put favorite books and a snack for your preschooler to enjoy.

Simon Says can be a game to introduce or reinforce body parts. How to play is that when you says “Simon Says”, each person must do what has been commanded. For instance , Simon Says, “Touch your nose.” If you do not say Simon Says, but give a command,the person who did it is out. But, with little ones I wouldn’t say anyone is out. I just remind them of the rules and keep going.

Hand puppets with your odd socks keeps preschoolers entertained for quite awhile. Allow them to decorate with googly eyes. Read a favorite book to your child and have them act out the parts of the book or have free play.

Post Office I just thought of this as I was throwing away junk mail. Let your little one play mail carrier. Save your mail for a few days so that this can be played. Make  mailboxes from old shoeboxes. Decorate the box and have your preschooler practice their name and address by writing on it with crayons or washable markers.  Sort the mail into magazines/ catalogs and envelopes. Put the mail in a bag and then deliver it to the mailboxes.

Grocery Store is so much fun for little ones. Save your empty cereal boxes, soup cans (cleaned, of course!), and paper products such as paper towels and napkins. Have one person be a cashier and the other person be the customer. Either purchase play money or make your own out of green construction paper.

Statue Game is a game for moving and listening. Play some music and have your little one move around. Pause the music and have your preschooler “freeze” like a statue. Start the music again and have your little one move again. Practice fact movements when the music is fast paced and moving slowly when the music is slower.

Have fun!


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