Family Fun Night Ideas

A_Family_Playing_a_Board_Game_and_Eating_Popcorn_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100221-120804-577053With the evenings growing longer and the children being cooped up in the house, Family Fun evenings are a welcome idea. How about trying one of these?

  • Twister  When is the last time you played Twister? Your kids will love watching you look like a pretzel!
  • Bingo make up your own Bingo cards and use math problems, history facts, trivia questions, etc., to cover the board.
  • Popcorn and a movie  Pick a movie you haven’t watched in a while or rent a movie your family didn’t get to see at the theater.
  • Board Games or Card Games can be fun. Some oldies but goodies are Sorry, Trouble, Outburst, Charades, Go Fish, Crazy Eights, Euchre, Rook or Pit.
  • Start a wild tale and let the next person add to it. Ideas can be to talk about a vacation or an adventure your family would go on together, or an exotic pet you brought home to live with you.
  • Telephone If you have never played the game before, your kids will love it! Whisper a rather long sentence in the person’s ear next to you and do not repeat it. Go around the room until everyone has had the person next to them whisper what they thought they heard. The last person who receives the message and is to the right of the person who said the sentence originally says it out loud to the group. I bet it won’t be the same sentence that was told the first time!

Have fun and be sure to take pictures to capture your wonderful evening together!




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