Teaching Financial Literacy


Photo illustration of one hundred dollar notes in Seoul

While a financial literacy course is now a requirement for the state of Ohio high school graduates, it is never too early to begin teaching fiscal responsibility to our children. This topic can be taught as part of your mathematics curriculum.

Dave Ramsey has a wide range of curriculum, beginning with the Financial Peace Junior for ages 3-12, all the way through high school graduates. He also has homeschool curriculum that can be used for a high school credit  for students grades 9-12. To see this specific program, CLICK HERE.

The Secret Millionaire’s Club has animated webisodes that teach the basic principles of financial and business problems to solve. There are 26 episodes in the series and it can be used at home or in a group setting. Each episode has an activity guide that accompanies it for further discussion. Activity Guide

Money as You Grow is a website that was created by the President’s Advisory Council on Financial Capability and has objectives and activities for children from preschool through senior high school.

Financial Literacy, a website sponsored by the United States Mint, has activities and lesson plans, as well as additional resources.



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