Maisy Mouse

imagesI want to do a series of blogs for preschoolers and beginning readers so that all of the skills that were learned over the school year are continuing throughout the summer. So, here is the first one. I am sure your child will enjoy this little mouse.

Maisy Mouse is a book series that is appealing to preschoolers through early elementary. If your child is just beginning to read, then this is a good collection to have your child enjoy getting to know. The difficult words are repeated and there are pictures to help give “clues” too. The characters are cute and the pages are bright and colorful.

Maisy Mouse and her friends have all sorts of adventures such as going to the grocery store; going on a camping excursion; taking a trip to the library; and  visiting the museum. There are even other books in the series that children might experience such as going to the hospital. The hospital isn’t such a frightening place after seeing Maisy getting her broken leg set, sharing toys with a fellow patient, and spending the night.

If your child is enjoying Masiy and her friends there are UTube videos and a fan club too! To find out more about the club, click here. I hope your early reader enjoys these books. 🙂

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