Stretching Your Dollars: Free Online Curriculum

stylized-dollar-bill-money-clip-artThere is a home school mom who has done something I wish I had time to do for you- create a year-long curriculum. This website was created by Lee Giles, a Christian mom of six, who lives overseas. She wanted to make home schooling available to families who either don’t have the time or the resources. She has endeavored to make homeschooling available for all who would like to have this option of educating their children. Currently, the grade levels that she has completed are preschool through eighth grade and she is in the process of completing the high school levels.

Probably all of you have your curriculum and your year is all set, but I know that you are looking ahead to next year. I always started looking in January! 🙂  If you don’t feel this curriculum is meaty enough, use whatever you find to be beneficial as a supplement. You can always use the online links she has for introducing and reinforcing concepts.

I looked at several websites on different grade levels and thought the activities were good. Children will enjoy the interactive games and activities and some things can be printed if you like.  (These are what I clicked on: crossword puzzles, Dolch Sight Word review, and geography games) Let me know what you think!

Easy-Peasy All in One Home School

There is also a high school sister site that I reviewed and as I said previously, it is in the process of being completed. I perused the Spanish I, Oceanography, Algebra 1, and Literature and Composition courses. Each course has a description and a grading sheet for the student’s progress and for your records. How awesome is that? The explanations for each of the websites that I watched  were easy to understand and if a concept was gone over too quickly or your student doesn’t quite understand, he can always watch the video again.

Easy Peasy All-in-One High School

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