Measurement Activities

images-1Getting back in the swing of things after taking a few days off for the holidays might be tough.  How about reinforcing measurement by playing some games and easing back into a routine? You can make these simple games and activities and then calculate the distance. Have your little ones join in the fun and calculate the distance for their participation as well.  Create a graph as a culminating activity with each of the games and the distances each participant’s results. Isn’t this a great way to teach math and health?

Frisbee Toss 

Use a paper plate as the frisbee by cutting out the center of the plate. See how far it can be thrown. Measure in inches and feet (if thrown further than a foot).

Penny Drop

Use a large plastic cup as the target for your child into which to drop the pennies. Measure the height from 6 inches, 9 inches, and so on until they miss. Compare the results of other siblings or you, Mom.

Potato Walk

How far can your child walk with having a potato that was placed on the top of their foot before it falls off? Measure in inches (and feet if applicable).

Tight Rope Walk

Make a zig zag line with jump ropes. Have them tiptoe on the rope. How far can your acrobat walk before “falling off”? Measure in inches (and feet if applicable).


Wad up pieces of scratch paper or use a spongy ball to throw into a wastepaper basket. How far can your star basketball players throw it until they miss? Measure the distance in inches (and feet if applicable).

Standing Broad Jump

Stand behind a starting line (use the jump rope from the tight rope activity or a piece of masking tape on the carpet). Have each athlete jump as far forward as they can. Measure the distance from the rope to where their heels landed. Measure the distance in inches (and feet if applicable).

I have included a website for you to print graph paper for the graphing activity. Click here.

Have fun!


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