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It seems that the majority of children go through a period where they are telling jokes. I actually think it is because they like to see the reaction of another person when they tell it. It is invigorating to see someone laugh because of what you have said.

I also think that jokes require a higher level of thinking. No, I’m not kidding! ūüôā You have to have a knowledge base to tell the joke and certainly to understand it. The hard part is being the listener of the jokes your child tells because many times they are repeated (over and over again) and outlast their funniness. I want to provide your children with some new material and give you a break from some of the old knock knock jokes.You are welcome!¬†

Here are the resources for your jokesters. (By the way, I apologize if you have to listen to a lot of ones that will make you groan, but isn’t that more pleasant than listening to negative comments? Can I get an amen?) For your entertainment, and as an example, I will post a joke for each section. I guess I like to tell jokes too!

Knock Knock Jokes  I am only listing three websites since there are only so many knock knock jokes (a person can take).

Ducksters¬†There isn’t a really long list, but there are jokes on there that I didn’t know and hopefully you haven’t heard them before either.

Funology I got this joke from their website. Of course, it is an education themed joke!

Knock, knock.
Who’s there?
Canoe who?
Canoe help me with my homework?

Kids Turn Central  This is a list of jokes that kids have submitted for others to enjoy.

Puns Puns are a play on words, requiring knowledge of the subject in order for it to be funny. Puns either have a double meaning ¬†(such as the joke below) or words that sound similar.¬†I like a good pun, don’t you?

Funny Puns Here is a math pun: The roundest knight at King Arthur’s table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from far too much pi.

Middle School Puns These puns are longer than one liners, but I think junior high students love a good pun too. Note: There are a few bar jokes in the mix in case you want to take those out.  Print off the other puns as there are some rather clever ones there that older students would enjoy. 

Here are examples of different types of puns. Funny Puns

Riddles Riddles require some thinking and are fantastic for getting those gears in the noggin moving!

How about this one? What begins with T, ends with T and has T in it? A teapot

 Riddles for Kids

Animal Jokes

Enchanted Learning has quite a few animal jokes for your children to enjoy. Actually, if you don’t look at any of the other websites listed above that will be fine because this website has enough for everyone.

Here is one joke/riddle that my son made up when he was little.

How are cats like pirates? They both like to bury their treasures.

Headed out of town for the holidays? How about printing off some of the jokes and have the kids make a joke book by picking a few to copy and illustrate. Take some nice bordered paper along to wrote the jokes. Your children can give the jokes to whoever you are visiting. It’s always a good idea to have something to laugh about when visiting family!

 A great way to conclude joke telling would be to have a language arts lesson and incorporate some of those jokes and ideas or use as copywork.

Language Arts Ideas

Discuss why the joke is [supposed to be] funny.

Discuss the meaning of the joke.

Make up your own joke or riddle and illustrate it.

Have a family comedy night by reading or reciting the jokes.

Copywork- copy your favorite joke, riddle or pun in your best handwriting.

Make a joke mobile. Copy favorites on to thicker paper and hang each of them with fishline of varying lengths on a hanger. Add some colored streamers to brighten up he mobile.

Laughter is a good medicine. Proverbs 17:22


5 thoughts on “Jokin’ Around

  1. Thanks for sharing Lisa, when my kids were younger I would make them travel bags for trips and I would put a joke on a piece of paper and encourage them to draw a picture that goes with the joke…


  2. What a fun post! I put the websites in my girls’ computer folders for them to enjoy~ we would’ve never found them. Thanks for taking the time to make my girls’ learning and internet time more fun! Merry Christmas!


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