Train Your Brain

Screen Shot 2013-11-17 at 4.16.29 PMThis might seem like a strange post to list under Pamper Yourself, but I believe it is important to work on skills for ourselves. Therefore, the Train your Brain post. 🙂

I first saw the advertisement for lumosity while watching something on the internet with my husband. Since it said it was free and helped your brain, I thought,”Why not give it a try?” I created an account and began my training. You can choose as many categories as you wish, so I think I checked all of them! The “games” begin at an easy level and get progressively harder. I have been training my brain for about a month and my scores have tripled and I do think I am getting faster and remembering more.

Based on what you choose to work on a variety of games are chosen for you. The exercises range in remembering people’s names and their orders, to matching puzzle pieces based upon criteria,  to feeding swimming poi in a pond. If you are thinking you are forgetting things or you just don’t feel as sharp as you once did, why not challenge your brain and pamper yourself by knowing that you are making your brain better! See for yourself by clicking here.


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