Just a Little Longer!

This weekend was Daylight Savings Time and that makes me happy. I love Spring and the longer evening hours. It seems like I accomplish more when it is stays lighter. I just wanted to give you a few things to think about as you wrap up your winter and head for spring.

1. Stay focused.  Look ahead at what you have left to do for the school year. (That is if you finish in the spring, if not, what do you have planned for the spring?)

2. Take a quick evaluation. First, assess your student. Where are there weaknesses/ strengths? Is there an area that needs to be addressed now and do you need to continue it for next year? Or will a few weeks of studying before summer break be adequate? Last, assess your curriculum. What did you like/dislike about the curriculum you used this year? Do you need to make changes for next year?

3. Plan some outdoor activities. Yes, take advantage of the weather and do some science projects (planning/planting a garden, nature walk, field trips, etc.)

4. Have fun! Take some time to do something fun with your husband and plan another activity with a girlfriend. You’ll feel energized and gain a new perspective on life. 🙂

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