Kindergarten Readiness: Social Studies, Math, Science, Art and Music Part III

cartoon_house_st5This is a series on readiness skills and resources for preschoolers taking the next “Big Step” to kindergarten.

This week I want to look at mathematic concepts and science. Behind each skill is a website that has worksheets to print or online games to play. This is the last in the series. 🙂

Social Studies

  • Recognizes basic traditions such as birthdays
  • Understands that people live in different parts of the worlds and have different customs and traditions
  • Explores simple maps and visual representations of neighborhoods or communities (Making a map)

Mathematics Concepts

  • Compares the size of groups of objects using language such as “more,” “less” and “same as” (kidzone website is a great resource!)
  • Arranges objects in size order (big to small, or small to big) (havefunteaching has answer keys for self checking if you want to set up a work station)
  • Uses comparison words, like “bigger,” “smaller,” “heavier,” etc.
  • Understands concepts of nonesome and all and more than and less than
  • Identifies and draws a square, circle and triangle (practice worksheets for shapes)
  • Correctly counts four to ten objects (tlsbooks has a large variety of worksheets)
  • Knows that the final number counted represents the total number of objects in a set
  • Recognizes some numbers, 1 – 10 (FREE Number sense worksheets)
  • Can distinguish numbers from letters, and understands that numbers relate to quantity
  • Understands the effects of addition and subtraction


  • Shows interest and asks questions about objects and events observed in their environment (create a scavenger hunt list)
  • Notices common properties and differences among objects and materials
  • Knows some facts about common plants and animals, such as what they eat and baby names (Baby animal names online game)
  • Recognizes some objects in the sky such as the sun, moon, clouds and lightning(Check out this adorable solar system lapbook)

Creative Arts & Music

  • Recognizes and names basic colors (Colors and Shapes matching cards)
  • Draws recognizable shapes and simple objects (see link above or Shapes and Colors worksheet)
  • Tells a story with pictures
  • Moves to a beat
  • Explores with common musical instruments
  • Enjoys improvising or copying musical patterns

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