Lamplighter eBook and Audio Series Set

Christmas is not far away and these resources would make a great present for the family. Lamplighter is a Christian publishing company that produces literature and audio series that build character. Who wouldn’t want that for their children? 🙂 I see they are running a special this month and wanted to pass it along to you. Here are the titles of one of the series:

4 eBooks:
The Boy of Mount Rhigi
That Printer of Udell’s
Basket of Flowers
Always in His Keeping

3 Dramatic Audios:
Teddy’s Button – 2 hrs
Sir Knight of the Splendid Way – 2 hrs
The White Gypsy – 2 1/4 hrs

Wait! There’s more! Another set is available for purchase for hours of quality entertainment and discussion.Click here to see the details.

One thought on “Lamplighter eBook and Audio Series Set

  1. Just ordered the audiosets, looking forward to listening with my girls! Embarrassed to say, i have not incorporated audiobooks yet… i’m wondering why not? seems great for the car…


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