Homeschool Camp

Here’s a wonderful opportunity for you and your family to have hands-on experiences for science as well as enjoy the great outdoors. If you can’t make this particular event there are other ones to choose from throughout the year.

Homeschool Camp

October 2-3, 2012      REGISTER for one day or both!

Come discover the wonders of God’s amazing creation in His great outdoor classroom. You can spend one day or both days as your child learns from professional in their area of expertise with hands on applications. Pleasant Vineyard Ministries Camp’s 80 acres of woodlands, creeks, ponds, and hiking trails will serve as the outdoor lab as your child participates in hands on learning that will help them to discover God in Nature.
Birds of Prey – See birds of prey up close from a Hueston Woods Sate Park Ranger.
Enviroscape l – This class allows students to observe and simulate, in real time, the interactions of precipitation with various land use practices and the impacts they have on streams, lakes, water supplies, and ground water.
Rocks and Minerals– Specimens of rare minerals and unique rocks will captivate each student as they investigate them while learning how they were formed.
Forestry– Students will take a hike with an ODNR expert as she teaches students how to identify trees and plants in the woods.
Art in Nature– Students will create art from objects found in nature.
Geology of SW Ohio – Students will explore evidence found on the grounds of PVM Camp from Noah’s flood and glaciers.
Project Wild – Project WILD is one of the most widely-used conservation and environmental education programs among educators of students in kindergarten through high school.
Fur Trunk – This trunk contains a variety of furs and skulls from Ohio’s wildlife. Students will enjoy guessing what type of animal the furs come from, as well as feeling how soft the pelts are.
Enviroscape ll – This class will teach about the science used in developing a landfill and why recycling is important.
There will also be activities such as the 500-ft. zipline, the 40-ft. rock tower, canoeing, nature hikes, campfires, fishing, large group games for all ages and much more.
Tuesday ,Wednesday
8 AM Registration                    8 AM Registration
10 AM Forestry Hike               10 AM Project Wild/Fur Trunk
11 AM Birds of Prey                  11 AM Enviroscape ll
12 PM Lunch                              12 PM Lunch
1 PM Zipline/free time             1 PM Rock Climbing/free time
3 PM Eviroscape l                      3 PM Art In Nature
4 PM Rocks and minerals       4 PM Geology of SW Ohio
5 PM Dinner                               5 PM End of camp
7 PM Campfire program
Registration Fee

Cost is only $35 per family member for one day or $60 per family member for two days. Includes all meals and lodging. (Family one day max. is $140 and two day max. is $240.)

To register for the PVM Homeschool Camp download the Homeschool Camp Registration Form and mail or fax it back to Pleasant Vineyard Ministries at:

PVM Camp
1259 Swann Beatty Rd.
Camden, Ohio 45311

Fax 937-452-5566

Phone registrations with a credit card may be made by calling 937-452-3347.


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