Struggling Students: Curriculum Resources and Books

I was organizing and cleaning out my big ol’ pile of papers that I had written about a few weeks ago and came across a catalog from a publishing company that produces curriculum for struggling learners. A wide range of academic areas are included for you to investigate including: language arts; 21st century skills and strategies; test prep; math; science; history and social studies. There is a reading level correlation chart listed on the inside of the catalog for you to be able to see what level the books are for your student. They also have audio books and e-readers if you are in need of that format with regards to your student.

Last year I tutored a young lady who was in need of a biology text that would cover the subject matter, but at her comprehension level which was not grade equivalent. I didn’t want to have the family order a textbook or curriculum without being able to see it and asked for a sample. Much to my surprise and delight, an envelope arrived with photocopies of the table of contents, the preface, and several pages of two of the chapters of the student edition. But wait, there’s more! They included  pages of the teacher’s edition as well that has the table of contents, academic standards that are being addressed, a skills chart, and several pages of chapter 1. I was able to see how the chapter is taught and what resources can be used to enhance each chapter if a student is still struggling with the chapter.

The company believes in helping students to succeed that they have a monthly book giveaway for teachers. I am not sure whether individual home school families can enter, but if you are involved in a co-op or a homeschool group and could share your winnings that would be terrific. Here is the website for you to explore: Saddleback Educational Publishing

The We Are Heroes series is a high interest-lo level reading set of books that focuses on teens helping with humanitarian organizations such as Kids Against Hunger and Habitat for Humanity. Maybe your son or daughter will be interested in volunteering after reading these books.

Have you ever considered using Reader’s Theater with your reluctant reader?  Extra reading aloud may be needed, but it is hard to get an older student to do this. Orcabooks has several reading theater books available that have a synopsis and can be viewed before purchasing them.


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