Free Online Class This Week

My son and I took a class about murderous Roman emperors several years back with the Lukeion Project and loved it. Amy and Regan Barr, both archaeologists, are amazing teachers and make ancient history come alive with their classes and seminars.   This week they are offering a FREE online class called Truth is Stranger than Fiction.  It’s going to be great. Why don’t you join me? I just signed up!

Here is the description from their website about  the class. History abounds with tales of the bizarre and the unbelievable. Sadly, the summary “just-the-facts” view of history often skips the most memorable stories. If history has become dull and dry, it’s probably because you’re leaving out the best parts. This workshop brings out the fun in history by letting the audience vote on a series of “what happens next?” scenarios from ancient history. You’ll walk away understanding that, when it comes to history, the fun is in the details.

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