Bible Curriculum and Resources

Some of the moms who come for portfolio reviews have asked if I can recommend some bible curriculums. I must say, that it is hard to find something beyond bible stories. I do have some ideas for you to check, but please add to my list if you have found a resource you like. I have not personally used these purchased curriculums, but they have come recommended to me.

Big Book of Bible Truths Book I These stories are from a Presbyterian minister and look interesting.

The Big Book of Bible Truths Book II These stories are by the same author as the previous listing.

Bible Truths, Bob Jones University Press This curriculum is for Pre-K through 12th grade and came highly recommended by the ladies in my bible study. 🙂 This is the description from the BJUP website for Bible Truths Grade 2: “A Servant’s Heart (4th edition) guides teachers as they help students understand God’s truth for practical living. Included are scripturally supported overviews of key biblical doctrines, a daily lesson plan, unit memory verse and hymn, supplemental read-aloud stories, unit review activity sheets, reproducible learning activity pages, instructions for one-on-one and group learning activities, a glossary of biblical terms, and a CD of corresponding reproducibles. Lessons also integrate a missionary story and an application novel.”

Looking for a bible reading plan? Here are several that would be easy for an older student to do or you to read aloud to your child(ren). click here

Your Story Hour has been around a very long time! I can actually recommend these because we owned several CD’s. They are interesting and   these stories are about Christians who did extraordinary things.  You will recognize quite a few of the people that are featured. I think you and your children will enjoy these. In addition, there are interfaith  bible lessons and quizzes that can be either downloaded, sent to your home, or done online.

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