Technology in your Homeschool? Educational apps reviews

Technology is a wonderful tool to use in your classroom, but it can be overwhelming too! Today I thought I’d give you some websites that can help you make informed decisions about what games you’d like to let your children use for school and free time. There are so many fun and innovative apps for your children to use that can enhance and reinforce learning.

Common Sense Media The link I have given you is for the educational apps reviews, but the website has reviews for more a variety of media. Common Sense Media is a non-partisan organization that gives information about media so that you can make good choices for your family.

Here is a review site for educational apps for children 0-12 for your iPad and iPhone. Best Kids Apps  ** As a side note** Bookworm is recommended as a game for all ages and I concur. I have it on my iPod and iPad and play it when I can. I really enjoy it. Keeps the ol’ gray matter challenged.  🙂

OHMommy has written reviews of some of her favorite educational apps for preschoolers. I have seen a few of her recommendations on different websites as well and since she has some of her own testers. I am sure her recommendations would be worth looking into.

Do you have a child with Special needs? I found a website that will be helpful to you. I tutor several autistic students and this has given me ideas to use with them. Apps for Children with Special Needs

Have you found any websites or apps that your children enjoy? Please share!


2 thoughts on “Technology in your Homeschool? Educational apps reviews

  1. I love Starfall! It’s a free learn to read app that was originally designed for preschool, but now it can be used for early elementary as well. In addition to phonics, it has seasonal activities and poems. For a one time fee of $35, you can get access to the entire site which includes tons of math and critical thinking skills.


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