Cincinnati Staycation

Summer is nearly here! Are you looking for fun things to do here in Cincinnati? I found a website that has an up-to-date list. The heading is called Staycation Fun in Cincinnati. If you don’t live here, but live within driving distance, please come. You’ll enjoy the places and activities the city has to offer.

I also have a previous post that lists programs to attend and places in Greater Cincinnati to go for the summer that I compiled. Check it out!

Cincinnati Museum Center

Fountain Square

2 thoughts on “Cincinnati Staycation

  1. Lisa, For the first time since the girls were born, we are not going on a family vacation 😦 As much as we love it, finances are different this year, but your post helps make a summer fun without a lot of cost! thank you so much! I wrote some dates down in my calendar~ they all look like a great family time!!!


  2. Melissa,
    I heard Cincinnati was voted as one of the top 10 cities in America to visit. I am sure there are a lot of out of little known things to do as well. There is a brand new park down by Sawyer Point that just opened last week. You can rent bikes and ride along the river, which sounds like a good time too.


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