You are not my mom!

This was a response that I got from a text that I thought was from my son. I know I have to back up the truck so you can jump in to follow my line of thinking here…

My son is out of the country serving as a missionary in Eastern Germany. I was really missing him the other day so I sent him a text to the  telephone number that I haven’t used in over 3 months. Not because I don’t communicate with him, I just don’t use the text feature very often since we skype every week. Anyway, the message I sent him said, “I was thinking of you today. I love you!”

Approximately three hours later I get a message that said, “Who is this?”

I quickly typed, “Your mama!” as this is what Malcolm fondly calls me. I thought that was strange since he knows my telephone number and who else would leave him a message like that? Hmm?!

The reply that was quickly returned stated, “You are NOT my mom!”

“This is becoming even stranger”, I thought to myself. I fired off a retort, “Of course I am!”

“No, you aren’t.”

By this time an idea was forming in my head that maybe, just maybe, I had the wrong number.

“Is this Malcolm’s cell phone?” I asked rather hastily.

“No ma’am.” Were the words that blazed upon the screen in front of me.

Right then I realized that I was conversing with a stranger. My face flamed a brilliant shade of  red as I was thinking how embarrassing this was for not only me, but the other person on the other side of this conversation. I typed furiously, “I am so sorry! I thought you were my son! I bet this was really weird then!”

The reply I received stated, “Yes, it was a bit weird, no biggie.” And  the next thing the person typed made me laugh and not feel so bad was, “There for a minute I actually thought I had a secret admirer !” Bless that person and their sense of humor!

What does this have to do with home schooling? Very little other than to say “I love you!” to your children today at some point when you are having school. Be sure it is face-to-face or if you text them, make sure you have the right number. 🙂

2 thoughts on “You are not my mom!

  1. At least you weren’t sending a message to your husband that might have said a bit more… 🙂 thanks for the smile, and yes, without making 28 red jello jigglers and goody bags and planning a bingo valentine game~ times three for three girls in three different classrooms, I love having my girls home this year. I am very blessed to have my three favorite “sweethearts” sitting on the couch with me learning together.


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